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Ẹ kú àbọ̀

(honorific welcome greeting)

Zanjoo is a hot spot for the girl who wants a unique, natural, tribal inspired fashion forward wardrobe that accentuates and compliments her inner beauty and African heritage.

With a combined social media following of well over 105027, founded by mother of two, Peeqs who is a fashion and lifestyle blogger of the successful MO-AM Network a one stop shop showcasing wonderful fashion and cultural events from the black community, lifestyle tips and advice, head wrapping tutorials and her amazing natural hair journey, this is the next exiting chapter in her ever evolving life story.

The idea of Zanjoo was conceived when she and her husband Mysterex were discussing the need for a one stop shop that sells all things tribal inspired and complimentary to the average sistas wardrobe…. so here it is! We have designed our exclusive zanjoo range just for you and made sure that its both everyday wearable as well as eye-catching for the many special occasions in the African culture. Our fabrics have been chosen and sourced with care from Africa and Europe and tailored to a high standard for a beautiful fit.

The main reason both Mysterex and Peeqs are excited about this venture is they are embracing and celebrating their heritage of Nigerian/Yoruba tribal decent. Both have family from the beautiful Lagos area and long to shine a light on the true natural beauty of the people and rich expressive culture through

So come, explore and enjoy the wonderful journey with us at